Taking Care of Business … It’s Showtime


Dan Tatarian has re-located his popular store Showtime Clothing here in Hamtramck.

By Charles Sercombe
For rock-n-rollers, there has been one go-to shop for clothing for many years.
We’re talking about Showtime Clothing, and its Facebook page says everything you need to know about what kind of clothing in particular: “It’s like an L.A. ‘rock store’ without the drive.”
For years, proprietor Dan Tatarian has been dressing rockers and other performers since 1981 — with a two-year break living in New York City – at his various outlets in the Wayne State area, and lastly on Woodward in what’s called “Midtown” these days.
He got chased out of that location several years ago when the Q Line was being constructed. Well, not kicked out by the powers-that-be, but rather by the inconvenience of the construction and its encroachment on his business.
Flash forward to today, and Dan is back in business, this time in Hamtramck, at 9704 Jos. Campau between Evaline and Norwalk
Showtime offers plenty of pants, shirts, jewelry, shoes and gear for stage performers of all stripes.
Need a pair of leather pants or a new leather bike jacket? Step on in.
Any magicians out there? If so, and you need a top hat to pull a rabbit out of, Showtime has you covered.
Musicians who are on the run can even grab guitar strings, drum sticks and other items. Eventually, there will be live performances upstairs in the store.
We caught up with Dan recently on a cold and gray Saturday afternoon, and chit-chatted about his retail journey and even things like the city’s parking meter system (his customers are struggling with them like everyone else).
Take it away, Dan.
Review: How did you get involved in the clothing business?
Dan: When I was younger, I spent all my money on clothes. I’ve met a lot of great people in the business.
One of the great people he met was the legendary Detroit clothing retail trend setter, Mark Keller.
He was kind of a mentor, Dan said.
Review: Why locate in Hamtramck?
Dan: I like the different ethnic groups, Blacks, Arabs, Asian, Polish – I love them all.
Review: Do you offer online shopping for those who live outside of the metro area?
Dan: No. The corporate world wants us to shop on the internet. I want to keep all the small businesses in business. I want community.
Review: Any advice to would-be retailers?
Dan: Just do it. You’ll be successful eventually. There’s no failing, just learning.
Review: Advice to shoppers?
Dan: Some people don’t understand the difference between quality and a cheap piece.
Review: Parting comment?
Dan: I try to take care of my customers. Just don’t give me s—!
(Showtime Clothing is open on Fridays and Saturdays, starting at 11 a.m.)
Posted April 14, 2023

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