The year ahead presents a number of challenges to overcome

This is a week to count our blessings, and Hamtramck certainly has a lot to be thankful for.

We are a city that is still surviving, and despite a growing rift in City Hall, our future remains optimistic.

But it’s going to take a lot of work in the coming year. We wish the new City Council good luck in the coming year, because one of its immediate chores is to figure out how to avoid going into deficit spending.

Without a doubt, the coming year is going to be a tremendous challenge.

Many residents here have also been struggling to make ends meet. The economy has been stubbornly resisted turning around. Yet we hang on.

We wonder, as a city and a nation, how much longer can people hold out? More and more folks are losing their homes in the metro region, and more and more families are finding themselves homeless.

Our heart goes out to those who are facing hardship.

This may not be the best Christmas season for many, but we have faith in Hamtramck residents being there for each other.

Let’s all say a little prayer for a better new year.

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