There is no excuse for not having a snow emergency plan



          One thing we all learned about this week’s monster snowstorm is that the city doesn’t have a plan on how to deal with snow emergencies.

          Emergency Manager Cathy Square is correct in pointing out that Hamtramck’s lack of an emergency plan underscores a void in leadership. Practically every city has a snow emergency plan, which usually entails forcing residents to keep off the side streets until their street is cleared.

          Yes, we know, this would cause a massive upheaval in Hamtramck because there is a shortage of parking and most houses do not have driveways.

          However, this is where creativity and inspiration comes into play. There could be any number of hybrid plans, including evacuating cars from one side of the street at a time.

          The point is, there is a solution. While it certainly means there will be an inconvenience, at least we can get our streets cleared instead of having to shovel out spaces and then fight over who gets to park there.

          This snowstorm raised another question: What else has Hamtramck’s leaders failed to plan for?


One Response to There is no excuse for not having a snow emergency plan

  1. Ken Hisong

    January 13, 2014 at 10:35 am

    I am reading this (10:30AM Mon Jan. 13) while I’m watching a frontend loader on Holbrook scoop up snow to be hauled away in a dump truck. My question is… Where were they last week before the rain over the weekend washed away 75-percent of the white stuff? I have been a resident for 11-years and have been at a loss as to why the city did not have a snow plan. I just assumed it was the council, mayor/city manager who really didn’t care that their citizens were trapped. I don’t have a drive or a garage and am forced to park in the street. I have had to contend with city-hired plow drivers pushing snow and slush against my car. The problem as we all know is where do I and people in my position put the snow? We try the best we can, but once again the “leadership” at city hall continues to fail us, no matter who we vote for.

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