This holiday season help out our less fortunate



          The holiday season is upon us, and we wish our readers health and happiness.

          This has been a trying year for Hamtramck since it came under the control of a state-appointed emergency manager back in July. So far, it appears the road to financial recovery is underway, and the EM will be able to leave at her scheduled date of June 30.

          We have three new city councilmembers coming on board on Jan. 1 and they will need help and support to get up to speed. Let’s hope the holiday cheer we experience in the coming weeks will stay with us as city officials begin to transition back to local control.

          Most of all, we wish our readers a prosperous new year. Hamtramck families have had it rough these past few years as the local economy struggles to recover. This Christmas isn’t going to be easy for many families, and our heart goes out to them.

          The best thing we can do this holiday season is to band together and help out our less fortunate neighbors.

          Kindness goes a long way.

          Merry Christmas, readers and thank you for your support.


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