To change city’s political culture, look no further than Councilmember Hassan

  What is it about City Councilmember Mohammed Hassan?

          He has continually thumbed his nose at paying his bills. In the latest instance, Hassan has been fined for failing to submit three campaign finance reports for his run for state representative in 2012.

          The Secretary of State fined him $3,000 and only recently did he address the issue by paying $170. That payment came about a week before he signed a candidate affidavit swearing he owed no fines or campaign reports so he could run for state representative again this year.

          It’s considered perjury for a candidate to falsely swear to owing no money or campaign reports.

          It’s clear to us that Hassan doesn’t think he has to play by the same rules everyone else does.

          Hassan has a history of falling behind on payments.

          Last summer the city turned off his water service because Hassan not only fell behind on his bills, he also couldn’t keep his end of a payment deal he struck with the city.

          Recently, Hassan admitted that it was he who owed the county $8,000 in back taxes for the house he lives in.

          Hassan at one time bragged that he could solve the city’s financial situation all by himself with a two-page spread sheet.


          It seems he can’t even manage his own finances let alone the city’s.

          Adding another twist to this whole business is a city charter provision that says any elected official who is found to be a “defaulter” to the city or any other government agency will be removed from office.

          City Attorney John Clark determined that Hassan was not a defaulter in the matter of falling behind on his water service payment. Hassan got a break there.

          Emergency Manager Cathy Square has talked about changing the political culture in this city. Now is the perfect time to send a message that the city won’t tolerate deadbeats holding office any longer.

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