Toast of the Town …

When it comes to good food and great times, Hamtramck has plenty to offer. In this column, we’ll talk about what’s happening at our bars, restaurants and other events that can be found throughout the city.

By Charles Sercombe

We only have a short round-up of things happening this weekend. First up is a rare visit by hometown favorite Art Lyzak, one of Detroit’s most notorious rock and rollers. The former Mutants singer of songs (and our favorite teenage band, The Rockin’ Levis), will be holding court for all fans and friends at Mario’s of Troy tonight (May ) 20 and at Susie’s Bar on Saturday (May 21) at 9p.m.

Art and his family are the former owners of the highly missed and beloved Lili’s 21 Club. Their mom, Lili Karwowski, is also much missed. She passed away several years ago.

Stop on by, share a laugh and a beer and rejoice in all that is good in the world. Lili, dear, we miss you so much.
Also tonight (Friday, May 20), we can’t think of a better local cause to support – maybe the cause of the decade – than Hamtramck high School teacher John Rostek’s attempt this June to conquer and summit Mt. McKinley.

He’s not only taking on a mountain, he’s also seeking to raise $1 for every painstaking foot he takes in effort to build up a nice budget for the public school district’s extracurricular activities. Imagine this: Kids who can’t afford simple admission to places like, say, a field trip to the Henry Ford Museum or the Detroit Zoo will be able to go for free thanks to your contribution.

Rostek would like to raise $20,320, which is another way to say that scaling Mt. McKinley requires climbing up 20,320 feet.
Hey, this is no walk in the park. So, want to help? If so, stop by the New Dodge Bar starting at 4 p.m. where for whatever donation you can muster up you’ll get to enjoy pizza, hotdogs and pasta.

There will also be raffles and prizes and a band and a DJ and all sorts of fun stuff.

Go Cosmos!

Also coming up, if you are in town on Memorial Day weekend – especially you techno fans — head over to Skipper’s Hamtown Bar on Conant at Evaline on Saturday, May 28.

That’s when there’s going to be a multi-art event and plain old good vibes. There will also be a fashion show from Laurette Designs. Oh, heck, we’re not quite sure what it’s all about but it seems to have all the ingredients for a great night out on the town and a good place to keep the downtown “Movement Festival” going.

From 8 to 10 p.m. it’s free to get in. After 10 o’clock, a $10 cover charge will be collected.

Do you know of a cool bar, a great restaurant or just a nice place to hang out? If you have tips on special events or just want to shine some light on your favorite spot send a message to or call us at (313) 874-2100.

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