Toast of the Town …8/16/13



When it comes to good food and great times, Hamtramck has plenty to offer. In this column, we’ll talk about what’s happening at our bars, restaurants and other events that can be found throughout the city.

By Charles Sercombe

          Weekends have been hopping in Hamtramck lately.

          A few weeks ago we hit the town for two art exhibit openings and a night of bar hopping.

          On one recent Saturday evening we headed over to Pulaski Park for some fine barbecue at the annual “Community Reunion Picnic.”

          Some longtime Hamtramck families and friends came out for food, getting back in touch and grooving to tunes.

          We liked the part where they had invited “all past, present and future Hamtramck residents.”

          Afterward, we took a breather and then headed over to Kelly’s Bar on Holbrook.

          Three weeks ago owner Brad Ruff said to us:

“Come by next week, we’ll have bands and a barbecue.”

          Brad was referring to a mini-music festival. The bar has an enclosed lot next-door, and that’s where the barbecue was set up, ’natch.

          Little known to us was that the music portion was all heavy metal bands, including a Black Sabbath tribute band.

          The event was called Q-Ski Stock.

          Now, I’ll be honest, heavy metal is not my cup of tea. But what the heck, Kelly’s is one of our favorite bars in town, and the crowd was a lot of fun. Spotted in the crowd was Rachel May, a Hamtramck native, and music writer for the Detroit Free Press.

          Talk about people watching. We had the most fun just taking photos. Wow, what a photo gallery that turned out to be.

          Not that we’re trying to poke fun or anything.

          Thanks for the invite Brad, and see you on Aug. 24 for the Dead Last rat rod show after-party.

          Poker run …

          Once again the loose association known as Hamtramck Bars is holding a Poker Run this Saturday (Aug. 17).

          It’s a cool way to kill an afternoon, meet new people and see the city in a fun, unique way.

          It starts with a check-in from 1-2 p.m. at Head Coach Bar, located on Conant and Commor. It costs $5 to participate and the proceeds go toward making the bar association a real non-profit group.

          Details of how the game is played will be explained, but it’s a good bet that after visiting bar after bar it won’t matter who the winners are.



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