Trucking company hopes to cash in on movie business

Michigan’s burgeoning film industry is knocking on the doors of a Hamtramck neighbor.

From its 250,000-square-foot Mt. Elliott headquarters on the outskirts of Hamtramck, J. W. Cole & Sons transports stuff from here to there and back again. Vehicles, auto and trade show exhibits, lighting, flooring, carpet, electronics, aviation cargo, and even opera properties get moved in a timely fashion by the company, which has been around since 1976.

J.W. Cole also operates facilities in California and Florida and is a union shop. It has multiple vehicle sizes and has been known to orchestrate overnight shipments using a combination of truck and air transport.

With all these factors already in place, the company is aiming to target the film industry’s increasing presence in the Detroit area. “We would be a valuable asset to the film industry due to our warehousing locations and our years of experience with handling time sensitive pick-ups and deliveries,” says account executive David Russo.

Russo says that J.W. Cole’s location is a competitive advantage because of its proximity to the airport and major freeways. It is located at 6500 Mt. Elliott, just north of I-94.

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