Tuesday’s election is an important decision-making day

          This coming Tuesday (Aug. 6) is Election Day in Hamtramck.

          Normally, August Primary Elections draw few voters because often there are only local races. That’s too bad, because it’s unfair that only a handful of voters make very important decisions about who will square off in the November General Election.

          There are about 11,000 registered voters, but we’re lucky if 1,500 to 2,000 actually participate.

          If you are a registered voter, please get out there on Tuesday and exercise your constitutional right.

          This year’s three races are for mayor and four seats on city council. Mayor Karen Majewski is facing three challengers: City Councilmembers Cathie Gordon and Abdul Algazali and Review newspaper owner John Ulaj.

          There are three seats on council that are four-year terms, and there is one seat open to fill the remainder of Gordon’s term. Gordon had to resign from office to run for mayor since she is in mid-term.

          Algazali opted to run for mayor instead of seek re-election to council.

          We are not making endorsements for the mayor’s position nor for the two-year seat because not only is Ulaj running for mayor, but our copy editor, Ian Perrotta, is a candidate for the two-year position.

          We feel making an endorsement in those races would give an appearance of a conflict of interest.

          In the election for the three seats with four-year terms, voters can vote for no more than three candidates. We are endorsing Titus Walters, Andrea Karpinski and Jewel Mohammed.

          We also give a strong nod to Anthony Liggett and Armani Asad.

          No matter what we think, it’s more important for voters to go to the polls on Tuesday and vote. Come on Hamtramck, a lot is at stake with the city being under the care of an emergency manager.

          The EM has only a one-year employment contract, and that means local officials will assume control by this time next year.

          We need a team of elected leaders who will be able to work together and make this transition smooth.

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