Victory over our greatest fear

John Ulaj


By John Ulaj

I want to begin by thanking you, our readership and advertisers, for your amazing loyalty and continued support.
Given that, I am proud to announce that The Review will be celebrating its 15-year anniversary this coming May!
Also: Happy Easter and Resurrection season, my friends!
With social media such a prevalent and dominating force in modern life, few of us can escape this all-compassing power of technology. Thus, the world is shrinking, becoming smaller and smaller.
The actions of any one significant nation often can impact many others.
One thing we do have in common is that we’re all human: we bleed the same; we laugh, cry, experience joy or sorrow; we love or hate in the same basic way. And, we all find ourselves at a possible crossroads of human extinction.
Amid such a bombardment of emotions, amid so much cynicism, negativity and twisting of the truth, is there any way that our world has a fighting chance?
Some people would tout AI, or artificial intelligence; some put their hope in a strong military, in more/less government, in more/less scientific advancement, or perhaps in a global treaty for complete nuclear disarmament.
But consider that putting our trust in the wrong “someone,” or something, is what got us into trouble in the first place.
We have lost the power that was bestowed upon us by God. Is it not better to trust in the Lord God rather than to place it upon mortal princes? I believe that we have lost both perspective and meaning in life by forfeiting our power to the false gods of mankind’s creation.
It has been suggested, rightly so in my opinion, that all spiritual warfare ultimately takes place between the ears – in other words, in the mind.
We must weigh our every thought: if those thoughts are found to be lies, or dishonoring to God in any way, then we must fight or restrain those thoughts by subduing them with the truths inherent in God’s Word, as found in The Holy Bible.
Jesus is the answer for a world reeling out of control. As His followers, we need to know how the final battle will be won.
And that will be by placing our trust in God, not man.
It is God who destroyed the greatest weapon of mass destruction ever known, there on that hill at Golgotha, up on the cross – and that is Death itself! The Battle is the Lord’s, and so is the Victory!
The only chance for the world lies with one Man – the Lord Jesus Christ, the begotten Son of God, before whom, one day, every knee will bow, and every tongue confess. He is our Help, our Head, and our Hope; the only answer for this weary, war-torn globe. He will give the world a standing chance.
So trust in God, stand in His Hope, and be a witness to his victorious Son!

Posted March 29, 2024

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