Vote Democratic on election day …

For what it’s worth, The Review is offering its endorsements in the Nov. 6 General Election.

There are no local offices on the ballot. Normally we shy away from endorsing state and national races because we lack the resources to check into all of the candidates and issues.

But with this being a presidential election, and since there are so many ballot questions, well, we decided why not?

Hamtramck voters hardly need a nudging to go one way or another since this is a predominantly Democratic leaning town.

For most voters, they will likely vote a straight Democratic ticket. We couldn’t agree more.

And that means we give a big thumbs up for another four years for President Obama. In our mind, Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney is a seriously flawed candidate.

But according to the polls, this election is, at the time we wrote this editorial, neck and neck. How can that be? We’ll let the historians and political analysts figure that one out.

As for the six ballot questions, we agree on supporting the controversial emergency manager proposal (which is proposal 12-1).

As for the others that require a constitutional amendment, we normally would be opposed to tying the hands of legislators. We need to allow the legislature to remain flexible to the changing times of today and in the future.

However, we do think Proposal 2, the one about supporting the right of unions to collective bargaining, should be supported. There are enough federal and state laws that would still allow legislators to remain flexible on labor matters.

Without a doubt, we have the unions to credit for creating the middle class. There are powerful forces out there, funded by corporations and billionaires, who would love to turn back the clock on the working class.

No matter what you believe in, we urge everyone who is registered to vote to exercise one of our most important rights.

Remember, go out and vote on Nov. 6.

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