Vote ‘YES’ this Tuesday for or community and kids

    Next Tuesday, May 6, is the day voters go to the polls and make a major decision.

          Hamtramck’s Public School District is seeking a 4-mill tax to fund a much needed school building repair program. Specifically, it’s called a sinking fund. Voters will be asked to mark the “yes” box to approve or the “no” box to reject it.

          In the past few weeks we have been adamant in supporting this millage and for voters to say “YES.”

          Why support this?

          We know voting for a millage increase is not usually popular, but this one is desperately needed. Our public school buildings each have a long list of things that need improvement and replacement. We’re talking roofs, doors, windows, restrooms and on and on.

          Our kids deserve a proper environment to learn in.

          Our community deserves buildings that are in good shape.

          And the bottom line is that by improving our schools, we upgrade the net value of all our homes. This is a win-win for kids and community.

          If anyone has qualms about the cost of the millage, consider that for the average homeowner it amounts to $70 a year. That’s about $1.35 per week. To us, that’s a small investment for something that will pay out for years to come.

          Go to the polls next Tuesday. Vote “YES,” and show your support for our public schools and – more importantly – our kids.


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