Who will be the next in line?

Former councilmember Abdul Algazali is back on board.

By Charles Sercombe

Councilmember Kazi Miah’s sudden resignation has ushered in someone familiar to the local political scene.

Perennial candidate Abdul Algazali will fill it the remainder of Miah’s term, which has another two years to go. Algazali is actually no stranger to the council. He sat on it for one term before seeking to oust Mayor Karen Majewski from her office two years ago.

City Attorney James Allen cleared up a lingering legal question locals had about who would get the nod to occupy Miah’s seat. Some in town thought that, since Miah resigned the day after Tuesday’s General Election before it was officially certified by the Board of Canvassers, the next highest vote-getter should be picked from the General Election of two years ago.

Allen said, in an opinion submitted to the city, that it doesn’t matter if Tuesday’s election had yet to be certified. The City Charter says that, when a resignation occurs, the next highest vote-getter from the “last” General Election has first dibs on filling the vacancy.

The charter says nothing about waiting for the election to be certified.

Miah said he has moved to Hawaii to live with his parents, who recently moved there. Miah said his father suffered a stroke and was told it would be better to recuperate in a warmer climate.

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