Councilmember’s resignation underscores the burden of the job

The recent resignation of City Councilmember Amanda Jaczkowski should serve as a stark reminder to future candidates to do your homework.
Running for elected office comes with responsibilities – responsibilities that conscientious elected officials take seriously.
Holding office requires an understanding of a number of things, from finances to labor issues.
We’ve seen elected officials who took their job seriously — and those who were in it simply for the title.
Amanda exemplified a public servant who took the job seriously. The job, however, became too much of a burden, and added to her health issues, she said.
Let her experience serve as a warning to those wishing to be a part of public life: to first figure out how much of your time will be required.
Trust us, one can burn out pretty quickly.
But also let this serve as a reminder that the heavy lifting is being done by the city administration. Let the administration do the hard stuff.
City councilmembers are liaisons for the public to have their voice heard.
It’s a maddening job at times. The public wants this and that, and no one can please everyone. Sometimes, public life is a pain.
Know this, future candidates, before you run for office: it’s not a glamorous job at all.
Posted March 10, 2023

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