Crime Log… 6/12/15

By Charles Sercombe
This week’s Crime Log covers June 2-8.

Tuesday, June 2
At about 10:45 p.m. officers captured a loose pitbull that had attacked and killed another dog in the Yemans-Lumpkin area. The owner of the pit bull was ticketed, and the pitbull was taken to the Westland Humane Society.
Officers were summoned to a hospital in the area to take a report from a sexual assault victim.
At 8 a.m. a Belmont resident reported a garage break-in.
A woman was arrested at a business in the 9000 block of Jos. Campau for passing a fraudulent check.
A woman reported her daughter had run away from home on May 14. On May 31 the missing daughter contacted her sister.
A man reported a garage break-in in the 2600 block of Holmes.

Wednesday, June 3
A resident was arrested for drunk driving after driving the wrong way on Evaline from Conant to Jos. Campau. The driver refused to submit to a breathalyzer and officers had to get a search warrant for a blood sample.
A Canton resident was arrested for violating a personal protection order after sitting in front of his ex-wife’s residence in the 12000 block of Mitchell and repeatedly calling her out and threatening to kill her.

A woman reported that a man wearing all black clothing and white tennis shoes was in her residence and holding a knife.
A juvenile was arrested in the 12000 block of Fleming after throwing a rock through a window.
Thursday, June 4
Detroit police reported they recovered a vehicle that was reported stolen out of Hamtramck.
A man reported someone broke into his residence in the 12000 block of Lumpkin.
A man was arrested for trespassing and carrying a concealed weapon at Selfridge and Hamtramck Circle Dr.

Friday, June 5
While officers were investigating a domestic violence report in the 2400 block of Faber, a woman was arrested for obstruction and being wanted on two felony warrants out of Roseville. A man was also arrested for obstruction and domestic violence.
At 12:30 a.m. a Florian man was found passed out. He was taken to Detroit Receiving Hospital and ticketed for public intoxication.
At 1:30 a.m. a resident in the 11500 block of Lumpkin saw four men enter his 2000 Jeep Cherokee as he was leaving his residence. The suspects fled on foot. The suspects had punched in the lock on the driver’s side door and the ignition was heavily damaged.
A woman in the 2400 block of Hewitt made a suspicious situation report against her ex-boyfriend.
A person reported receiving threatening letters in the mail.
A woman and a man took clothing from a business in the 9400 block of Jos. Campau after a dispute over how much had been paid for a dress.

Saturday, June 6
A Detroit resident was arrested after he went into a business in the 8700 block of Jos. Campau and asked if there was a job opening. When he was told there were no jobs, the suspect pulled out a replica gun and pointed it in the air. The victims tackled the suspect and called 911.
An Ortonville resident and a Detroit resident were arrested after stealing a woman’s cell phone at a business in the 2100 block of Caniff. The suspects told the woman she would have to pay them to get her phone back. Officers later set up a sting and arrested the pair.
At a little after 12:30 a.m. a Norwalk resident reported someone stole documents from her home.
At almost 1 a.m. a man was arrested following a traffic stop for having fraudulent license plate tabs and improper plates.
At almost 3 a.m. a resident was arrested in the area of Jos. Campau and Caniff for possessing cocaine, obstructing officers, being disorderly and being wanted on five felony warrants out of Macomb County, two felony warrants from Sterling Heights, one misdemeanor warrant from Warren and one misdemeanor warrant from Westland.
A person reported the theft of his 2005 Cadillac.

Sunday, June 7
At almost midnight, a man was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend while in the 2400 block of Grayling.
At about 2:30 a.m. a Detroit resident reported being assaulted by her girlfriend while in the 11300 block of Fleming.
At 5 a.m. a Detroit resident was arrested in the area of Hamtramck Circle Dr. and Selfridge for fighting and resisting arrest.
A Belmont resident reported someone threw a bottle through a window at her residence.
Two Danforth residents reported being assaulted by a group of men.
Monday, June 8
At almost 1 a.m. a man was arrested in the 12000 block of Dyar for assault and carrying a concealed weapon without a permit after pointing a gun at a man during a dispute. The man was also charged with resisting arrest and giving officers a fake name.
A man was arrested for domestic violence after assaulting his sister in the 2700 block of Trowbridge.
A resident reported the theft of their car from the 2300 block of Alice.
An elderly man with Alzheimer’s walked away from his residence in the 2400 block of Goodson. He was last seen wearing a light green suit.


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