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Despite local protests, we now face an environmental threat

Local community leaders recently held a protest against US Ecology, located about a mile east of Hamtramck, where radioactive fracking waste is processed.



Several weeks ago community leaders held a protest outside of the US Ecology waste plant, located about a mile east of Hamtramck.
Those participating included Hamtramck Public Schools Superintendent Tom Niczay, elected officials, clergy and community activists.
The ironically named US Ecology, which has nothing to do with safeguarding the environment, plans to accept radioactive waste from fracking.
Those protesting this move say allowing radioactive waste so close to schools and neighborhoods poses a serious health risk.
At the time, last December, there were two pending bills in the Michigan legislature that would impose a $5 per ton fee on the radioactive waste and allow an increase of radioactive waste to be dumped in landfills.
The bills passed the legislature in a lame duck session and former Gov. Rick Snyder signed the bills into law just days before his term ended.
This is the same governor whose administration was responsible for the Flint water contamination crisis.
Thanks for nothing, Snyder.
It is unclear if Gov. Gretchen Whitmer can undo this.
Probably not.
There is no reason for why we have to have this type of waste. Fracking is part of the old-school way of thinking on how to meet our energy needs.
Fracking has also led to the poisoning of ground water in various communities to the point where the water is unusable.
There is much evidence to support a massive investment in green technologies – technologies that do not produce poison waste. Yet, this country refuses to invest in this while European countries are leading the way.
It is unfortunate, to say the least, we now have to live with the possible consequences of the past state legislature. If anything, it shows that elections do have consequences.

2 Responses to Despite local protests, we now face an environmental threat

  1. Ken Hissong

    January 13, 2019 at 9:39 am

    More “fake news”! Governor Snyder was NOT responsible for the Flint water crisis. Why do you refuse to put the blame where it belongs? The Former Flint mayor and it’s city council are responsible, no one else! They were the ones who voted to break away from a system that provided one of the safest sources of pure drinking water in the world…. all because of trying to get a cheaper source of water for Flint residents. They were the ones who voted to poison the residents and as such should be held responsible. But why they haven’t been? Because they’re Democrats and as we all know, Democrats can do no wrong. Democrats don’t make mistakes. All you have to do is look at all the people that have been killed by illegal aliens to prove that is a lie. When is the Review going to provide honest journalism and stop being a liberal mouthpiece?

  2. Roadman

    January 14, 2019 at 10:16 pm

    The Obama administration was partly to blame for the Flint water crisis.

    EPA Regional Administrator Susan Hedman, an appointee of Pres. Obama, resigned during the crisis after being criticized over her slow handing of the toxic water issues.

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