A celebration of culture and Krishna

By Ian Perrotta

The Labor Day Festival wasn’t the only party in town during Labor Day weekend. The community’s Hindu population also took it to the streets of Hamtramck on the Saturday of that weekend with a parade to celebrate the birth of their god Sri Krishna.

The celebration – Suvo Janmastari, a birthday ceremony of Lord Krishna – was sponsored by the Durga Temple, located just outside of the city at McNichols and Ryan. It kicked off with a ritualistic offering that included fruits, delicacies and coconut milk, the last of which came from members of the temple and Mayor Karen Majewski breaking coconuts on the street to mark the start of the parade.

Majewski’s work wasn’t quite finished there, however. Keeping in line with Bengali tradition, as the de facto “mother” of the city Majewski was asked to sweep the street for the first few steps of the parade as a sign of respect.

The parade then proceeded to make its way through the neighborhoods of Hamtramck, where it was met by residents who brought more offerings of fruits and sweets. Afterward, everyone headed back to the Durga Temple to worship and party throughout the night.

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