American Axle deserves the treatment it’s getting


That’s what we’d like to say to executives at American Axle & Manufacturing.

But you know what? It really doesn’t give us pleasure. Fact is, what the executives in the company did to their workers, our city and ultimately our country leaves us far too bitter.

On Tuesday, the Detroit City Council did what few cities and politicians dare to do: They said no to an American corporation. Detroit said no to extending a cushy tax break which American Axle not only profited from, but also used to exploit this region and then to, essentially, betray us.

Four years ago, after winning huge wage and benefit concessions from its union workers, the company decided to close up shop and move its manufacturing from here to a plant in Mexico.

In Mexico, workers earn a fraction of what US workers make – even after American Axle workers here agreed to slash their wages and benefits in half.

American Axle left the USA. Said it didn’t need us. Said it had to make bigger profits.

The amazing thing is they still use the word “American” in their company name. Maybe it’s just a cynical joke on their part.

American Axle, why do you hate America so much? Why don’t you want to pay fair wages to American workers and pay your fair share of taxes?


When the Detroit City Council unanimously rejected the company’s request for an extension of their tax exemption, a part of us cheered.

But really, there is little to be pleased with considering the damage the company has inflicted on its former workers and our community.

May we suggest something to you folks at American Axle?

If America is too damn expensive for your taste and bottom line, why don’t you just close up your headquarters in Detroit and move it to Mexico as well?

What, afraid of the many crime syndicates down there?

Afraid you might be kidnapped?


Don’t worry. We’ll organize a collection drive among the thousands of workers you threw out into the street.

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