‘Blowout’ isn’t blowing out of town


By Ian Perrotta

Like a typical 16-year-old, the Metro Times Blowout is about to hit the road. But it won’t be going too far.

After a decade-and-a-half of hanging in Hamtramck, the much-loved music festival is starting to grow up and branch out. This year, instead of being confined to the city’s 2.2-square-miles the event will also take place in Ferndale.

Blowout fans need not worry, however, as the two locations won’t be competing against each other. In an added tweak to the traditional three-day format the festival will expand to two weekends. The first will take place in Hamtramck and the second in Ferndale.

And since things come in threes, there’s also a change to the schedule. In an effort to coincide with better weather the Blowout will move from early March to six weeks later.  The scheduled dates for 2013 are Friday, April 26 and Saturday, April 27 for Hamtramck and Thursday, May 2, Friday, May 3 and Saturday, May 4 for Ferndale.

Not everything is changing, though. The Blowout will still kick off in Detroit with a party at the Majestic on Thursday, April 25. And it will still provide music fans an opportunity to enjoy the best local talent and discover something new.

“Metro Times wanted to elevate the Blowout within the metro Detroit community, and Ferndale was a logical choice due to its multiple appropriate venues in close proximity,” said Metro Times Publisher Chris Sexson. “By expanding to two weekends, the Blowout can showcase even more extraordinary talent than before.”


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