Cost of snow removal is a legitimate concern for all

Did Hamtramck pay too much for snow removal this winter?
Mayor Karen Majewski has raised this question after Emergency Manager Cathy Square recently released her three-month financial report. In the report it was noted that the city spent almost $500,000 for the city’s emergency routes to be cleared, salted and cold patched.
As it turns out, that financial report does not include the cost for those services for the second half of February and March.
In other words, it’s going to be a lot more than $500,000.
Emergency Manager Square said appearances can be deceiving. She pointed out that this was a severe winter, with a record amount of snow hitting the region.
But the downriver community of Woodhaven reported spending less than half that amount for the entire winter and also included regular road maintenance.
The difference in the two is that Woodhaven uses its own Department of Public Works employees to get the job done, while Hamtramck relies on an independent contractor.
Square says that the comparison of the two are not exactly apples to apples since you also have to factor in pension costs and truck maintenance for Woodhaven.
We’re no experts on the matter, but it seems to us that Hamtramck’s costs, considering snow clearance and salting is only for a dozen streets, is high.
It’s an issue worth exploring more.
But the good news in all this is that Hamtramck is seeking bids for this service.
Let’s hope we can get a better deal for next year.


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  1. Joe

    April 20, 2014 at 5:21 pm

    The city should ask the FBI to investigate. This much money for so little work is very fishy !

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