Council did the right thing to put search for city manager on hold

Maybe it’s a good thing that the council decided to pass on hiring a permanent city manager.

Last week the council decided none of the three candidates seeking the position were the right fit for the city. Instead, the council agreed to keep on Acting City Manager Kyle Tertzag.

Tertzag has been in this position since August, and so far he’s been doing a pretty good job. He couldn’t apply for the permanent position because he does not have the minimum required time spent being a city manager, as spelled out in our city charter.

The council is now offering to let Tertzag stay on until July 15, at which time he could apply to become the permanent city manager.

First, however, he has to be able to handle the demands and attacks the city council has dished out to previous acting city managers.

There is a lot at stake.

Hamtramck is facing a huge financial crisis in the coming months, and now is no time to bring in a new person. Besides, if the situation goes out of control, it’s likely the state will step in and appoint an emergency manager.

No matter what, it’s important that the council be in agreement over who the next city manager should be. Agreeing on things has not been one of the strengths of this council.

Frequently, city councilmembers seem to be at odds with each other. That has to stop because a financial crisis requires unity.

For now, it’s wise for the council to concentrate on the financial picture instead of breaking in a new city manager.

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