Crime Log… 10/11/13


By Charles Sercombe

          This week’s Crime Log covers Oct. 1-8.

Tuesday, Oct. 1

          A Hamtramck man reported his 1998 White Mazda was stolen from the area of Moran St.

Officers responded to a home on Dequindre St. on a report of a fight, and they made several arrests.

Wednesday, Oct. 2

          Wayne State University police officers dropped off two people at the police station who were wanted on outstanding misdemeanor warrants from Hamtramck.

          A woman living in the Hamtramck Senior Plaza Apartments said someone signed for a package for her but she never received it.

A Detroit man was arrested for driving without a license after being stopped for speeding on Nagel near Casmere.                                                                          

Officers arrested a Hamtramck man for selling prescription pills in the area of Jos. Campau near Pulaski after the man ran from police.                                 Officers arrested a man after being stopped for speeding on Nagel near Commor. The driver was also arrested on an outstanding Hamtramck warrant and driving while his license was suspended.        

Thursday, Oct. 3

          A resident walked into the police station and reported someone stole his medication from his Casmere St. house.

          A woman reported someone stole her 2002 Dodge Dakota while it was parked in the 3100 block of Hanley St.

A woman reported someone opened an Instagram account in her name without her permission. The woman also reported that the person who did it was making threats to her.

          A woman reported that while walking in the area of Caniff and Brombach a man grabbed a cell phone from her hand and fled.

Friday, Oct. 4

          A resident reported a window on her Ford minivan was broken out while it was parked in the 2300 block of Andrus St.

          A man reported that while sitting his car in the 2700 block of Evaline St., a man with a gun approached him and robbed him of a cell phone and cash. The suspect fled in a waiting vehicle.

          A woman living in the 9500 block of Charest St. reported a friend damaged her front door with a metal pipe and then fled. Officers later returned to the house and arrested the friend.

          A man was arrested at Mr. Alan’s shoe store for retail fraud.

          Officers conducted a drug raid at a house on Danforth St. and seized illegal narcotics and made an arrest.

Saturday, Oct. 5

          A car reported stolen in Royal Oak was recovered in the 8500 block of Lumpkin St.

Officers responded to Hamtramck High School on a report of a car accident. The parties involved fled the scene and hid one of the vehicles, which had been damaged. Two people were arrested.

A Hamtramck man reported that while on Evaline St. he was robbed at gun point by a man wearing all black clothing and armed with a black gun.

Sunday, Oct. 6

Michigan State Police dropped off a person from Tennessee at the police station who was wanted on an outstanding Hamtramck warrant.

A Jacob St. resident reported her 1998 Pontiac was stolen from in front of her home.

A Florian St. resident reported hearing three gunshots at approximately 5 a.m. Upon investigating the shooting, the woman found three empty shell castings.

Two car crashes were reported, one at Conant and Commor and another at Carpenter and Klinger.

Monday, Oct. 7

          A Danforth St. female teen who had runaway from her home was arrested after stealing her mother’s cell phone.

          A juvenile said he was assaulted by three males while in the 2400 block of Denton St.

          A Hamtramck landlord reported getting two bad checks from his tenant for the payment of rent totaling over $1,600.                                                                     Officers transported a juvenile to a hospital after threatening suicide.

          Officers investigating a possible stolen car located a suspect was also had illegal narcotics.

          A Detroit man stopped for a traffic violation was arrested on an outstanding warrant for assault with intent to commit murder.

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