Crime Log… 4/18/14



By Charles Sercombe
This week’s Crime Log covers April 8-14.

Tuesday, April 8
At nearly 2 a.m. a resident was pulled over in a traffic stop and later arrested for driving without a license and possessing drug paraphernalia.
The principal of Dickinson East Elementary School turned over to police an iPhone found by a parent.
At almost 9:30 a.m. a woman reported her two juvenile sons were missing.
A woman reported that she was being sexually harassed by telephone. Officers were able to locate the suspect who was at Jos. Campau and Holbrook.
A Detroit man was arrested for harassing customers at a Carpenter party store and for having an open Hamtramck arrest warrant.

Wednesday, April 9
A woman living in the 5200 block of Yemans reported her 16-year-old daughter had run away from home.
A Mitchell resident reported her home had been vandalized.
A Lumpkin woman said her identity was stolen.
Thursday, April 10
At 2 a.m. a person living in the 11000 block of Lumpkin was arrested for domestic violence.
Two Detroit residents were arrested during a traffic stop at Mackay and Carpenter. The driver was arrested for not having a license.
A Gallagher man reported someone broke into his garage.
A St. Aubin man reported someone stole his 2000 Toyota.
A man was arrested for assaulting his female partner at their Norwalk residence.

Friday, April 11

A person in the 3200 block of Caniff was ticketed for calling for police assistance without a good cause.
At 9:45 a.m. a resident reported a family friend stole items from his house in the 2000 block of Belmont.
The area supervisor of McDonald’s in Hamtramck reported an employee had embezzled money.
A Detroit man reported his wife’s bike was stolen while it was at 12101 Jos. Campau.
A juvenile was arrested after being caught spray-painting a car on McDougall.
A resident in a nursing home on Conant reported someone stole $300-$400 from her purse while she was sleeping.

Saturday, April 12
At 1:30 a.m. officers recovered a car at Mackay and Holmes that had been reported stolen from Detroit. There was no sign of damage.
A resident reported the theft of a catalytic converter from his car, which was parked in the 2300 block of Commor.
A resident reported someone broke into his garage in the 3000 block of Belmont.
Sunday, April 13

At a little after midnight officers arrested a driver for not having a license.
A person was arrested for being disorderly following an investigation in the 2200 block of Caniff.
At a little after 3 a.m. a person reported being assaulted by someone known to the victim.
A Lincoln Park woman reported being assaulted and having property stolen by a Hanley St. resident.

Monday, April 14
At about 10 p.m. a man living in the Hamtramck Circle Dr.-Dyer area reported that 20 men were sitting on his mother’s car. When he told them to get off, some urinated on the car and others assaulted him. The suspects then fled.
A family living on St. Aubin reported a man they know was harassing and stalking them.
A Lehman resident reported someone stole her cell phone from her porch.
A Trowbridge woman reported her son had assaulted her and had fled.
A Fleming resident was assaulted by her former boyfriend who then stole her cell phone before fleeing the scene.
A Harold resident reported being sexually assaulted by a friend at her residence.

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