Crime Log … 8/16/13


By Charles Sercombe

          This week’s Crime Log covers Aug. 6 through 12.


Tuesday, Aug. 6


          A man reported that his 2002 Chrysler minivan was stolen while parked in the 9400 block of Latham

          A woman reported that someone tried to steal her 2001 Jeep while it was parked in the Auto Zone parking lot on Jos. Campau.

          A woman was found asleep in her car while parked at the Mobil gas station on Caniff and the I-75 service drive. The woman was taken to Detroit Receiving Hospital.

A woman reported to police that an unknown man has been calling her since July complaining that she is making too much noise.

          A resident on Yemans St. reported someone broke into her flat and stole money.

Wednesday, Aug. 7

          A woman living in the 1900 block of Trowbridge St. reported that her 2008 Chevrolet Impala was stolen while parked in front of her residence.      

          A man living in the 11300 block of McDougall reported someone stole his 2005 Honda motorcycle while it was parked in the yard.

          At about 1:30 p.m. a highly intoxicated man entered the police station. He was taken to a hospital.

          A man was arrested at Walter’s Party Store after creating a disturbance and being wanted on an outstanding warrant.

          Police received a call about a man slumped over the steering wheel of his vehicle while on Belmont St. When officers arrived the man drove away. Officers apprehended the man and arrested him for driving while drunk.

          A man was arrested for attempting to steal items at a local pharmacy.

Thursday, Aug. 8

          A Mitchell St. man reported someone stole his 1971 Honda motorcycle from his residence.

          A man was arrested for domestic violence and violating a court restraining order.

          A person was arrested for trespassing and refusing to leave a Caniff business.

          A person reported receiving threatening text messages.

          A Detroit man reported losing his wallet at a local party store, and in his wallet was his license to carry a concealed gun.

          A man reported that while at Evaline and Jos. Campau a man approached him and snatched his gold chain.

          A Detroit man was arrested for stealing a bike.

Friday, Aug. 9

          A driver was arrested after a hit-and-run accident occurred. Police said the driver was also intoxicated. Another driver was arrested for drunk driving after causing an accident at Jos. Campau and Caniff.

          At 3 a.m., a pedestrian was arrested after refusing to get out of the street while at Caniff and Brombach.

          Two Detroit residents reported being assaulted by a taxi cab driver. The driver filed a counter-claim against the two Detroit residents saying they threatened him.

          At 4 a.m. a man living in the 5000 block of Yemans St. reported he saw a man break out the window to his van and then run away.

          A person reported being bitten by a dog. The dog was taken to the Michigan Humane Society for observation.

An Edwin St. man reported his son’s bicycle was stolen from the Community Center.

          Wayne State University police arrested a Grosse Pointe Park man on a Hamtramck income tax warrant and transported the man to the police station.

A Belmont St. resident reported his son’s bicycle was stolen from his yard.               

A McDougall St. resident reported that an unknown person broke into her house while she was at work. There were no signs of forced entry on the house.

An Evaline St. man reported that his vintage motorcycle was stolen from his backyard.

Saturday, Aug. 10

          At about 2:30 a.m. a person was arrested for disorderly conduct after causing a disturbance at Jos. Campau and Casmere. Two teens at that location were also issued tickets for possessing alcohol.

          A man was arrested for assaulting his wife after having an argument.

          A woman was assaulted by a man after she saw him break out her car window. The suspect then fled.

          A man reported that his cousin called him and threatened to “cut” him.                                                                      

Sunday, Aug. 11

          Officers responded to a disturbance in the 11400 block of Jos. Campau. Once there, officers found an unruly group of people and ordered them to disperse.

          A resident living in the 1900 block of Evaline St. reported their car was damaged. A couple of hours later, another resident on Evaline reported someone attempted to steal their car.

          A mother reported her 19-year-old daughter has been missing since Aug. 5.

          A resident living in the 3400 block of Edwin St. reported their 1998 Plymouth Voyager was stolen.

          Officers responding to a call about an open door at a house in the 2400 block of Commor determined the house was abandoned. A witness told officers that two women were seen leaving the house before police arrived.

          A teen told police he was assaulted by another juvenile.

          A Hamtramck resident and a Detroit resident were arrested for breaking and entering after they were seen entering a house in the 2300 block of Commor.

Monday, Aug. 12

          A resident living in the 3800 block of Belmont St. reported that someone threw a brick through their living room window and at their car. Later in the night, the same resident reported the suspects were relatives.

          A Dyar St. woman reported being assaulted by her ex-boyfriend.

          At 3:30 a.m. officers responded to a break-in alarm at a business in the 10000 block of Jos. Campau. Once there, officers observed a broken window and a broken door lock. Surveillance cameras, however, recorded the suspect.

A Grand Haven St. woman reported her 1998 Dodge was stolen.            

A man was arrested for stealing money from a tip jar at Café 1923.        

A man reported that his grandmother kidnapped his three children.

A Klinger St. man turned over  a pair of glasses and a bike he found.      

A Mitchell St. resident reported money had been stolen from his residence.

A Rockford resident reported his vehicle was broken into at Gallagher and Trowbridge. He said items were stolen.

          Two residents reported that while at Mackay and Botsford, three men confronted them and that one of the men had a handgun.

          A woman reported that a man grabbed her purse and ran while she was at Gallagher and Trowbridge.

A Warren resident reported his vehicle was stolen while it was parked in the area of Fleming and Zinow. Police discovered that the car had already been recovered in Detroit.


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