Crime Log …9/21/12

The following is a round-up of daily crime reports from Sept. 12 through Sept. 17.

Wednesday, Sept. 12:

A Conant man reported unspecified damages to his property on the 8500 block of Conant.

A woman reported her 2000 Plymouth Voyager was stolen while she was shopping at Glory Supermarket on Jos. Campau.

A man living on the 3300 block of Holbrook reported someone stole his Social Security card from his mailbox.

A Detroit resident said he saw a suspect break the windshield on his 1989 Cutlass while it was parked on Commor.

Wednesday was not a good day for cars. A Doremus resident reported that someone smashed the windshield of their 1999 Chrysler and also slashed the tires.

A person visiting from Ohio reported his vehicle was “keyed” while it was parked in the city parking lot on Yemans near Jos. Campau.

Thursday, Sept. 13:

A woman reported that a male suspect broke into her car while it was parked at the 8800 block of Jos. Campau.

A man and a woman were arrested after being pulled over at Lumpkin and Commor. The woman was arrested for having an open bottle of liquor and for holding an illegal knife.

A man was arrested for trying to pass a fraudulent check.

Friday, Sept. 14:

A woman was arrested for drunk driving and child endangerment after she was involved in an auto accident.

At almost 2 a.m., a man was arrested for his third drunk driving offense after being pulled over at Jos. Campau and Botsford.

At about 4 a.m., a woman was arrested for domestic violence while at her Belmont St. home.

A Sobieski man reported items were stolen from his garage.

A Charest St. man reported someone stole a pine tree from his front yard.

A Jacob St. man reported that three men attempted to break into his home through a backdoor.

A woman reported receiving harassing phone calls from her ex-boyfriend.

Saturday, Sept. 15:

At almost 3:30 a.m., a man was arrested for child neglect.

A man was arrested for driving drunk after crashing into a parked car at Jos. Campau and Mackay.

A woman reported that she found her stolen vehicle, but it had damage to the ignition, the battery was stolen and the rear bumper was missing.

Police recovered a 1978 Camaro and a 1980s Tans Am on Spruce in Detroit.

Two Highland Park residents were arrested after stealing two bicycles from two juveniles at Conant and Caniff.

Sunday, Sept. 16:

At about 11:30 p.m., one woman and three men were arrested for a break-in at the 3200 block of Hanley St.

A Detroit teen was arrested for possessing alcohol while police were investigating a disturbance at Klinger and Carpenter.

Two juveniles said that they were robbed of an I-phone while at Jos. Campau and Roosevelt. The suspect was described as a black male with tattoos on his arms, and had pointed a BB pistol at them.

Monday, Sept. 17:

A woman reported her 2007 Toyota was stolen.

A woman reported that someone stole her purse from out of her 2002 Ford Focus.

A man was arrested for unarmed robbery at 9838 Jos. Campau after he was recognized from another incident that occurred at the same address several weeks ago.

A Lumpkin St. resident reported someone broke into his house and stole record albums and a turntable. The items, however, were later recovered.

A resident said he was assaulted by five men he knew while at Caniff and Charest.

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