Drivers beware: Hamtramck has speed traps

By Charles Sercombe

Hamtramck traffic police, you’re on the radar of the National Motorists Association.

According to a recent report released by the group, Hamtramck has three speed traps.

The NMA actually says the city has five speed traps, but three of them basically cover the entire northbound stretch of the I-75 service drive, starting at Holbrook and continuing north of Caniff.

Besides the I-75 drive, the other two sites are Hamtramck Drive near Jos. Campau and the area near Conant at Holbrook.

Here’s what the organization has to say about Hamtramck’s hotspots:

Northbound I-75 service drive: Starting at Holbrook: First off, the 25 miles per hour speed limit is called “ridiculously low.”

“Most motorists drive 40 to 50 along this stretch due to the lack of cross streets or signage. The only speed limit sign is small and partially obscured by other signs. The officer likes to sit at the bottom of the dip, where gravity easily pulls cars over the limit unless they ride the brakes. “

At just before Caniff:

“There is a curve in the wall on the service drive just enough for a police car to hide on the shoulder of the service drive where you cannot see him until it is way too late. This is the stretch between Holbrook and Caniff. Hamtramck police hide there and write tickets. The speed limit on the service drive is 30. People drive on the service drive at 50-55 and sometimes 60 mph. BE AWARE!”

And just north of Caniff:

“The police sit in front of the second house north of Commor on the service drive of the freeway to meet their monthly quota. …. I watched it for years at a house on the next block on St. Aubin and could see them there daily.”

For Hamtramck Drive:

“When you travel northbound on Hamtramck Drive from West Grand Blvd, you pass under a railroad bridge which is the city limit between Hamtramck and Detroit. They’re usually sitting at the top of the hill as you come under the bridge. Last time I was through there, it was posted 25 mph. Hamtramck PD let’s NO ONE off with a warning.”

On Conant near Holbrook:

“Police park at the entrance to apartment complex on the east side of the road just over a slight rise. When travelling south bound you will not be able to see the car until it is too late!”

(Editor’s note: We have no idea what area they are talking about.)

Although Hamtramck has long been notorious for speed traps, Livonia wins the dubious distinction of being the worst offender.

No matter, Hamtramck, consider yourself warned where to be extra cautious when driving.

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