Feds need to crack down further on food stamp fraud

One thing is for sure in the federal investigation into food stamp fraud here in town:
The market owners and some of their employees are facing felony charges. One would expect that.
But in a talk with a spokesperson for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Detroit, there is little chance that those using their food stamp card to receive cash instead of buying actual food will be charged or kicked off the program.
We certainly wouldn’t want any kid to go hungry because of the failings of a parent, but it appears if the adults involved had children, they weren’t getting food any way.
Why the federal government doesn’t appear interested in punishing those abusing their food stamp card is a mystery, and frustrating. That’s our money being abused by these people.
If there are people using their cards simply to get cash, they should be kicked off the program and charged.
You hear plenty of tough talk on cracking down on corruption, but when the government has evidence of it, in this case food stamp fraud, it only wants to go half way.
Let’s set an example now, with this Hamtramck investigation. It’s time to send a message to those taking advantage of the program that there are consequences when you defraud the government. That’s taxpayers’ money we’re talking about – in other words ours.
And for those involved who came here from another country to take advantage of the food stamp program, if they are convicted, send them back home after they serve their prison term.
America can be a welcoming nation, but don’t come here to pick our pockets.

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  1. Sam

    October 19, 2014 at 2:36 am

    How about we send everyone who commits crime back to their country, we just have to look where their ancestors came from and shoot them there. As much as I’m against fraud, writer seems a bit racist there at the end considering most of the people in this city are immigrants.

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