Fireworks? Avoid the temptation

Happy Fourth of July!
Happy Independence Day!
Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about fireworks.
Ever since the first celebration of Independence Day, fireworks have been as American as apple pie, as the cliché goes.
And every year since then, they have posed a serious health risk.
Consider this: the Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that fireworks-related injuries have skyrocketed since 2007.
Every year, over 10,000 Americans are injured using them, and an overwhelming percentage of those injured are, you guessed it, men. Hands and fingers are the most likely to get harmed.
For those with lung disease, believe it or not, fireworks also pose a danger by causing respiratory infections and even heart attacks.
Fireworks are legal to use in Michigan around the holidays, such as this Fourth of July. But just because it’s legal, do we really need to use them?
In Hamtramck, as everyone knows, fireworks have become the bane of existence for a variety of reasons. Number one, is the potential safety threat to fireworks igniting a house fire.
Also, fireworks frighten the heck out of our pets, and in general, annoy people.
Really need to light something up? Try a semi-harmless sparkler. At least that doesn’t go “boom” in the night.
Or better yet, go make some popcorn.
Posted July 3, 2024

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