Get ready to be ‘blown out’

By Alan Madeleine
Review Staffwriter
And no, we’re not talking here about the norovirus that’s making digestive systems empty from here all the way to Rhode Island.
We’re referring to that renowned Hamtramck rock ‘n’ roll jambalaya, the Hamtramck Blowout — and it’s almost that time once again.
Perhaps you’ve noticed those early March weekends in years past, where the streets seem unduly full of people on foot, the young and the striving-to-remain-young alike. Perhaps you’ve been stopped at a light and heard music filling the streets a bit more than usual, or emanating from a few more places than usual.
It’s true that the city comes alive again for this weekend, now in its 13th year. Savvy vets of the scene will recall the famous wristband system (where the single $20 band gains the wearer access to any and all bands at any and all venues, through the entire weekend), and it’s in place again this year, with one major difference: It will not be available at all the participating venues this time, as it was in past years.
Instead, you will have to go to one of the following locations: the Majestic complex on Wednesday (Pre-Party night), or else at the Gates of Columbus Hall (9632 Conant), Detroit Threads (10022 Jos. Campau), the Record Graveyard (2926 Caniff), or of course online at
If you choose to take the plunge, you’ll experience up to nearly 200 bands at 15 venues (see schedule), mostly in the rock/alternative/punk and folk genres.
Happy ears!

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