Hamtown’s interest in bikes is not just cyclical



By Ian Perrotta

Just in time for the city’s new bike and pedestrian lanes, there are now plans to open a bicycle shop in Hamtramck.

Actually, the plans have been in a conversational stage for the past year or so, but it was only in January that residents Scott Wozniak, Erik Mitchell and Jeffery Van Andel announced the upcoming arrival of Hammer and Cycle.

The trio of twenty-somethings — all transplants to the area within the last few years — have plans to open a retail and repair shop at the corner of Edwin and Jos. Campau. The storefront is slated to open in the spring or summer.

At Hammer and Cycle, you will be able fix your “fixie” and then spruce it up with some accessories.  Or, if the bike is too far gone you can always just buy a new one — refurbished, or course. Stick around long enough and you might even pick up a new skill.

“We hope it’ll be the kind of place where you can get your bike working, learn something, and relax while you wait or hang out,” says Wozniak. “We’ll also be offering some kind of classes or events, and maybe some programs for kids and others to learn the basics of maintenance.”



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