Home robbery almost turns into a homicide

By Charles Sercombe

Getting some money back from your taxes?

You might want to keep it to yourself.

Last Saturday (Feb. 19), at 9:50 p.m. on the 11000 block of Sobieski St., three armed men broke into a house of an acquaintance and demanded the money he received from his tax return. The robbery almost immediately turned into a near fatal shooting.

According the Detective Sgt. Dan Misiak, the brother of the man being targeted began fighting with one of the suspects, which prompted one or more of the suspects to shoot at him.

The 28-year-old man, Aaron Olinger, was struck once through the hip, with the bullet lodging in his stomach. He has survived his wound.

Misiak said Olinger recognized the suspects, who entered his house wearing ski masks and with guns drawn, by their voices. The suspects apparently had an ongoing feud with Olinger’s brother.

Other family members were at home at the time of the attack. Some of the suspects held family members at gunpoint demanding to know where the tax return cash was located.

The suspects left with the money and with Olinger laying wounded on the floor. The family knew where the suspects lived and gave the address to police officers.

Officers immediately went to a Mitchell St. house where they were told the suspects lived.

When one of the suspects was seen leaving the house, police officers swarmed in to make an arrest and after getting permission to enter the house, arrested the two other suspects.

Quinton Moore, 21, has been charged with attempted murder and home invasion. The two other suspects, Chris Harris, 21 and his brother Aaron Harris, 20, are charged with home invasion and felonious assault.

Police say they have not recovered the guns and ask for residents living near the Sobieski St. house to be on the lookout. The thinking is the suspects may have tossed the guns into a yard, but the guns may have since been covered up by Sunday’s snowfall.

“We searched all night for the guns,” Misiak said.

All suspects are in Wayne County Jail on a $1 million cash bond.

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