New online map showcases all things vibrant in Hamtramck

Want to know what makes Hamtramck a vibrant place? There’s a map for that.

As part of the Mayor’s Millennial Congress protocol for the year 2012, a map highlighting Hamtramck’s diverse economic activity and other cultural offerings has been created.

The map, based on the Google Maps system, pinpoints a number of locations throughout the city. Each point of interest includes an address, phone number and a brief description.

The purpose of the map is to aggregate the city’s wide array of businesses, restaurants and bars all in one location that can be easily seen by anyone with internet access. With everything together, a person unfamiliar with the city can quickly see all that is has to offer.

Beyond just informing the public about Hamtramck’s vibrancy, the map also has a more specific goal in mind. By showing why the city is a great place to live in, the Mayor’s Millennial Congress hopes to ultimately attract more Millennials – anyone born from 1980-2000 – to move to Hamtramck.

So how does it do that?

Essentially, the idea is that if a young person who may otherwise know nothing about the city sees the map, they may take a closer look at the area when they consider buying a home. But regardless of whether they do or not, they still know a little bit more about Hamtramck.

And Hamtramck is worth knowing about.

Want to see the map for yourself? Visit to take the online tour.

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