Our endorsements for Tuesday’s Primary Election

Next Tuesday (Aug. 5) is the Primary Election, and in many instances, whoever wins the Democratic Party race next week will easily win the November Election. That’s why it’s so important to make your vote count next week.
There are also three tax issues that voters need to be aware of.
We have been making our endorsements for the past few weeks. Here’s a recap of who we support.
Probably the most controversial – and snark-inducing endorsement we made – is for Wayne County Executive. Our thought is that none of the candidates appear that strong, and at this point it’s better to stick with the current Executive, Robert Ficano.
The last four years have been rough for Ficano, but voters need to look at the long view of his career and judge him on that record. We believe ROBERT FICANO has pulled himself out of the problems that have dogged him and his administration and is on the road to making things right again.
In the State Senate seat for the 2nd District there are four Democratic Party candidates, including incumbent Bert Johnson.
Sen. BERT JOHNSON has served our district well and is head and shoulders above his opponents.
In the local State Rep. race, incumbent Rose Mary Robinson is facing Hamtramck City Councilmember Mohammed Hassan.
In general, Hassan has been an embarrassment to the community. He has claimed he could fix the city’s financial problems with a two-page spreadsheet when in reality he can’t even keep his own financial house in order.
Hassan not only fell behind on his water bill, but he also fell behind in a payment plan to avoid having his service cut off.
Hassan also fails to play by the rules. He was fined for not submitting financial records for the last time he ran for the State Rep. seat.
He is, in short, a hypocrite and a deadbeat. Return ROSE MARY ROBINSON to the state legislature.
In the Wayne County Commission race for our district, Martha Scott is seeking re-election. Scott has long served our community, and she deserves another term. Vote for MARTHA SCOTT.
In the Congressional seat being vacated by Gary Peters, there are four candidates vying for the position. So far, former Congressman Hansen Clarke and Southfield Mayor Brenda Lawrence are the front runners.
Clarke is no stranger to Hamtramck.
He has visited the city quite often, and has roots in the Bengali community. His father was born in Bangladesh and his mother was African-American. Both died by the time he was 19 years old.
That tragedy forced Clarke to grow up quickly. His road to maturity was rough, but he pulled himself through some very hard times, which he credits to his faith in God.
Clarke knows the challenges of growing up poor and in the city. Hamtramck can identify with him.
Lawrence has been running for one office or another ever since she became mayor of Southfield. It’s as if she would rather be anywhere else other than Southfield.
Hamtramck voters would do well in supporting Clarke. During his one term in Congress, before his district was eliminated by Republicans in charge of redrawing the state’s political districts, Clarke was in the forefront of forgiving the financial burden of student loans and stopping home foreclosure.
It’s a shame he was unable to complete the job he set out to accomplish    HANSEN CLARKE is the candidate to get things done and make our country strong.
As for the three tax proposals, we recommend a YES vote to all of them — especially the one about beefing up our public schools.
Remember folks, these are just our opinions. The important thing is for you to go out and vote next Tuesday.

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