Paczki Day is just a few days away. Get ready for a lot of fun

By Charles Sercombe


What an incredible weekend and week ahead for Hamtramck.

First up is the annual “Hamtramck Blowout” this weekend and then — as if that isn’t enough — Paczki Day is this coming Tuesday (March 8).

We’re not sure how this city is going to get through all this, but hey, Hamtramck knows how to throw a party.

Paczki Day gets an extra boost this Saturday with a “Countdown to Paczki Day” celebration. The event has been going on now for a few years and each year it gets bigger and bigger.

The Countdown is held under a heated tent in the Hamtramck Shopping Plaza parking lot, located on Jos. Campau and Holbrook. You’ll be able to sample local paczki, enjoy games, watch Polish folk dancers and tap your toes to a live polka band. Heck, if the power of the paczki so moves you, you can also join in and swing your dancing partner around.

This year some special promotional items will be on sale: paczki buttons, T-shirts, aprons and baseball-style caps.

The Detroit Tigers’ mascot, “Paws,” will also be on hand, dressed appropriately in a Polish folk costume. From noon to 12:30 p.m., you’ll be able to pose with Paws for photos and general goofiness.

This is just a fun prelude to the big day itself on Tuesday. Thousands of visitors come here to buy god knows how many dozens of the lovable pastry treat. And of course many of the local bars will be open early and feature live bands, drink specials and plain old Hamtramck-style revelry.

Local favorites The Polish Muslims will be playing practically everywhere, first at the New Dodge bar from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., then Whisky in the Jar from 2:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. and finally, PLAV Post 10 starting at 6:30 p.m.

And speaking of Post 10 (located at 11824 Jos. Campau), at noon, a paczki eating contest will be held once again. Past record holders have stuffed themselves with 15 to 20 paczki during the 20-minute duel.

If that sounds painful, believe us, it truly is punishment watching these gluttons. But, hey, last year, we couldn’t stop laughing. At what exactly, we’re not sure. Hmmm … must have been the beer. Post 10 will also host a number of bands all day, featuring another local fav, Danny D, performing at 3 p.m.

Have we forgotten anything? Oh yeah, where can you purchase paczki? Here’s where you can get the real deal:

New Deluxe Bakery, 11920 Conant, (313) 892-8165
New Palace Bakery, 9833 Jos. Campau, (313) 875-1334
New Martha Washington Bakery, 10335 Jos. Campau, (313) 872-1988
Detroit Donut, 9101 Jos. Campau, (313) 873-9000
Family Donut, 11300 Conant, (313) 368-9214
Stan’s Market, 11325 Jos. Campau, (313) 365-1165
Bozek’s, 3317 Caniff, (313) 369-0600
Srodek’s on Conant, 11936 Conant, (313) 893-1085
Srodek’s Sausage, 9601 Jos. Campau, (313) 871-8080
Polish Market, 10200 Jos. Campau, (313) 873-6110

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