Spend your money locally during this holiday season

Thanksgiving is not only meant for family and friends, it is also when the holiday shopping season kicks into gear.
And Hamtramck is an ideal city to do your shopping in, because it offers so many local businesses to support. You can get just about anything here: clothing, music, jewelry, books, a smorgasbord of ethnic foods, art, collectibles, and so much more.
One of our favorite places to shop is at our local Hamtramck Historical Museum, located at 9525 Jos. Campau Ave., in the heart of the business district.
It features a bunch of different Hamtramck-themed items and knickknacks. Plus, while there, you can soak up some local history and chit-chat with museum director Greg Kowalski.
The best part about Hamtramck is that everything is within walking distance, so there is no need to drive to suburban malls, or deal with the parking and hordes of shoppers.
Plus, it feels good to support local businesses, many of them owned by our neighbors and fellow residents.
They say that all politics is local: well, it’s also true the economy starts locally as well.
We know a number of households are struggling financially, but the point is, if you are going to go shopping, consider supporting Hamtramck businesses first.
Enjoy the holiday season folks, and remember: the best part is getting together with family and friends.
Posted Nov. 23, 2022

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